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Bastet Feminine Divine statue


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 Shown here in her the form of a woman rather than a lion or a domestic cat, the ancient Egyptian goddess Bastet is portrayed as the epitome of the feminine divine. Regarded as a goddess who protected Egypt, its royal family, and its people, Bastet was particularly revered, as were all cats within the land. She was also associated with beauty of movement, agility, strength, caution and other such feline qualities that she was said to embody. In this case, she is imbued with grace and beauty, shown as a lithe woman garbed in the traditional robes and headdress in which she is often portrayed. Standing with her hand on her hip, her skin is jet black in contrast to the gold of her clothing, and the feline eyes that rest beneath two feline ears. Place this 10 1/2", cold cast-resin statue upon your altar and celebrate the goddess to bring the joy and protection she offers into your household.

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