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Basil Essential Oil 2 dram


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Our Basil Oil is created in a process that draws from the Basil plant itself, creating one of the purest an highest quality oils you can find. With the herb as its source, it allows you to call upon the essence of the Basil, bestowing your ritual with some of the properties and power found therein, or simply adding the herbal aroma to the atmosphere of your home. The properties of basil make this essential oil a potent aid in a great many spells and rituals involving all matters of prosperity and wealth. Use it to help draw peace, harmony, and love in abundance, or use it as an aid in rituals of protection. Most commonly though, our Basil Essential oil is used in spells that seek out financial success and monetary gain, helping to bring wealth into your life. This is a 2 dram bottle of pure essential oil, for external use only.

Folk Names: Albahaca, American Dittany, St. Joseph's Wort, Witches Herb, Feslien
Deities: Vishnu, Erzulie
Other Common Uses: Love, exorcism, wealth, protection

Household Protection Oil Recipe:
-4 Drops Basil Oil
-3 Drops Geranium Oil
-2 Drops Pine Oil
-1 Drop Vetivert

Wear for protection, anoint windows, doors, and other parts of your house to guard it. (test small areas before use. Only small amounts are needed). You may want to dilute your oils before using them for magical purpose.

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