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Baphomet Statue - Stone Finish


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This statue of Baphomet by Maxine Miller is a stunning depiction of what is referred as the Sabbatic Goat mentioned by Eliphas Levi in his treatise on ritual magic, Dogme et Rituel de la Haute Magie. Some believe the form of Baphomet is a symbolic form of good and evil, and may have been based on a gargoyle that adorned the building of the Knights Templar. Others believe that the Baphomet was a “false idol” that the Templars’ critics accused them of worshipping. In later years, the symbolism and form of Baphomet has also been adopted by the Church of Satan and has become synonymous with the imagery of the Devil. Whatever your own view of this controversial figure, its imposing presence will certainly add a stark representation of the knowledge of good and evil to any altar or home.

Size: 15.00” tall x 9.75” wide x 6.00” deep.

Cold cast resin. The patina on these statuary are hand-finished and may slightly vary.

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