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This listing is for a witches bottle created to help balance emotions and bring back balance into your home. It will help improve your level of concentration to be able to focus and take care of issues that needs to be resolved. It helps overcome tensions, release anger, judgmental attitudes, creates inner peace, promotes confidence and helps to forgive others and yourself. 

Place the bottle at the center of your home to keep your home cleansed from negative vibrations, and to bring protection, harmony, peace and tranquility into your home. Place the bottle in your meditation area to help with balancing your chakras. Place it on your altar to strengthen your magickal work and keep you relaxed and focused. Place the bottle in the kitchen to promote healthy eating habits and to help you take control of your urges to overeat.

This bottle was created with herbs materials correspondent to its intended purpose, then sealed with candle wax. This corked glass bottle is beautiful. Tinted blue, and has a nice shape and pattern. Bottle measures approximately 5" tall with cork. Charm may be different but for same intended spell.

Witches bottles are created for a variety of reasons and concerns. They can be made for just about anything you want and/or need. They can be made to protect your property and family from all types of harmful intentions such as theft, intrusions, bad luck, hexes, curses, evil-eye, poverty, hunger, financial issues, negative energies. They can also be for cleansing, and to attract and draw love, money and stability. They are excellent tool for business success and to draw customers into your place of business, as well as to keep away unwanted people such as fake friends looking to destroy your life. They are to be buried in your property, inside your home/business in a large potted plant, or placed hidden at an undisclosed location. 

Witches' Bottles, also known as Spell bottles, are ancient protection spells of great power, that have been used in England and the United States since the 15th century. They were originally created to destroy the power of an evil magician or witch thought to have cast a spell against you and/or yours. They were often made of ceramic and stone vessels, filled with hair, nails, and urine. These witches' bottles are still being created for a variety of purposes and used in numerous ways, usually a glass jar/bottle filled with various objects of magical potency. They are then buried, hidden, placed on window sills or in other prominent spots. All are concentrations of energy, created and empowered for specific magical purposes.

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