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Known in Greece as Dionysus, Bacchus is the Roman god of the wine, revelry, and in some cases freedom. In Rome the frenzy he induced as central to his cult, which became somewhat infamous for great wine-soaked feasts and orgies. The wine he offered, along with the music and euphoria that came with it, was said to help free one from fear and care, with those who took part in its mysteries, and those of Bacchus himself, were said to be possessed and empowered by Bacchus himself. Among the Romans, he was also viewed as one who could convey messages between the living and the dead. Sculpted of cold cast resin, this statue depicts Bacchus in classical styling; a nude man, bedecked in grape vines and carrying a cup of wine, with a child-like satyr sitting close by his heels. Hand painted, the statue easily appears as though it has been cast from bronze or copper, adding its own sort of elegance and authority to the depiction. The statue measures 9 1/2" tall and 6" wide at its widest point.

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