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Authentic Complete Honey Jar Spell Kit


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Hoodoo Honey Jar Spells are a tried and true, gradual but sure Hoodoo method of sweetening someone’s disposition, speech, and actions to you. Whether it be a friend relative, love, an ex, judge, jury, etc.

The name of the spell pretty much says it all. Does someone need to sweeten their disposition to you? An ex lover, a boss, family member, in-laws, your child's mother or father, lawyer, boss, teacher, friend, case worker, or parole officer? Does someone owe you money such as child support? Does someone just seem to have a grudge against you? Does your ex lover need a little nudge to make them return?

I can customize your honey jar spell kit just for you, according to your needs. Please tell me in the COMMENTS SECTION what type of situation or person you need to sweeten. That will determine the mixture of herbs included in the kit, as well as the oil, and color of candle (example: brown for legal matters, red or pink for love or passion, green for money, etc.). (*Example in photos is for Love matters)

Please also be aware that the oil included is not for putting into the honey jar. If a practitioner tells you that it is, then it is not according to the traditional Hoodoo method. 

I also include the honey separate from the jar, because to add the items into the jar before the honey is not accurately following the traditional method, either.

I include complete instructions (which take up a whole page), to successfully work your honey jar spell. It takes some time, so be patient and diligently stick with it. You may not see results immediately, but signs will begin to show themselves. Just watch, be patient, and pay attention. This is simply the characteristic of the Honey Jar Spell. Honey moves slowly and surely but it sure is always sweet!

What You Will Get: 
• One clean (never before used for any other purpose) empty glass jar with screw on lid
• One 2 ounce clear plastic bottle of honey
• One .50 ounce glass vial of oil
• One small resealable bag (1 1/2" x 2") of White Sage (for smudging your glass jar, as well as other item(s), explained in the instruction scroll
• One charcoal disc for burning the White Sage for smudging.
• One 2 1/2 x 3" resealable bag of herbs, mixed specially for you, according to their metaphysical and magickal properties for your situation (and the metaphysical properties of the herbs/roots/curios included in your Honey Jar Spell Kit will be provided to you, wrapped in the instruction scroll.)
• One 4" spell candle, color coordinated for the type of situation you're dealing with
• One Coffin Nail, for inscribing your intended's name on the candle
(*Note, these items are not listed in order of use, and you may need to supply additional items that you already have around your house, such as paper, personal concerns (hair, photos if you wish, or business card)

This Honey Jar Spell may cost a couple of dollars more than others you may find listed, because it is very thorough and complete, as are the instructions. However it costs much less than others who offer to do this service for you as a practitioner, because I do not offer to do magick or hoodoo spells or rituals for others. The reasons for this are: I could not in good conscience charge such an outrageous amount as I have seen in other listings (and on other sites), for such a simple task. Also, as a customer, when I see listings such as those, I would have to wonder and ask myself how can I trust that the spell is really being done (even with photos provided?) And finally and most importantly, magick and conjure are a very personal thing to each individual, and your intent, experiences, emotions, and energies are what puts a spell or magickal working into motion and fuels it into completion. Anyone can supply you the tools you need, but you are the greatest tool, your greate st asset, and the strongest power behind any magickal working.

Blessings! Love and light to you!

For Legal Purposes:
I must state that my products are for decorative/entertainment/novelty purposes only. These products (and their recipe/formula) in this listing and all of the content herein © Sherry Scott, including written material and photos and are the physical and intellectual property of Sherry Scott. Magick and Conjure are unique to each individual and as such no promises or guarantees of success are given or implied. All items are sold as novelties/curios only with no guarantee of outcome. I sell only the tools of magick, not the outcome.
I do not claim to diagnose or treat any illness or disease. Nor do I offer my goods as a substitute for appropriate legal, medical, psychological, or financial advice or counsel. I recommend you always seek proper professional help in all cases as such, including domestic abuse. My products are not to be taken internally, nor do I condone physically harming any person or animal. In no way to I condone or imply the suggestion of participating in illegal activities. Other items in photo are used for decorative photo purposes only, if not listed as being included.
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