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Aurora Mist Obsidian Blade Athame w/Wart Hog Tusk Handle - 11.00 inch


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This beautifully hand crafted aurora mist obsidian blade athame is a one of a kind ritual tool! This athame comes with a handle that is made from a found African wart hog tusk. The aurora mist obsidian blade has natural colorations and veining running through it, adding to its mystique and its unique beauty. This athame's obsidian blade is extremely sharp, making this perfect to be used as a witches boline as well. The obsidian blade is custom cut, polished and fastened within the wart hog tusk with an all natural adhesive and natural cording (which is then also reinforced with the adhesive again, once in place). This keeps the obsidian blade sturdy within the handle and prevents any movement. The wart hog tusk has a natural curve in it, making the perfect handle. The aurora mist obsidian has a golden sheen that reflects off of its surface when light hits it (it is hard to capture within a picture, but you can somewhat make out the golden sheen in the images shown). 

Use this ritual knife as a boline to ritually cut or harvest herbs, to carve into candles with, or simply use solely as an athame to cast circle with. NOTE: If using this ritual tool for cutting, only cut with it on a wood cutting board or a wood surface. Anything other than wood may be too hard and could possibly crack the blade. Please use extreme caution when handling this knife, its blade is extremely sharp!

What is Obsidian? 
Obsidian is a naturally occurring volcanic glass, and is created when hot lava comes into contact with water and is rapidly cooled, forming a powerful stone that comes in an array of colors. Obsidian is said to provide strong psychic protection an shields against negative energies. It is also a great stone for grounding. Obsidian is also said to aid with divination and channeling, making it a perfect stone to have around when working magick.

Size: 11.00" Long
Obsidian Blade Size: 4.00" x 1.50" x .25"
Handle Size: 7.00"
Handmade in Pasco County Florida

All athames and bolines shown on our website are sold as ritual tools. They are intended to be used for sacred rites and are only to be used for such. These items are not meant to cut or inflict harm or pain on anyone or anything. Any uses outside of this can result in injury. Eclectic Artisans cannot be held liable for the misuse of any of these items. Must be 18 years or older to purchase.

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