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Asatru Norse Valknut T-Shirt With Ravens-Short Sleeve


Our new Asatru-Norse Valknut Raven T-Shirt is the perfect pagan t-shirt for that viking in your life! This symbolic shirt also includes dual ravens, which add to its pagan tone. Choose from multiple sizes. 

The Valknut symbol is a symbol made from three interconnected triangles which may be joined in various ways. It is closely associated with Norse paganism, and numerous works of Norse art feature a Valknut symbol. The term “Valknut” is a neologism; Norse pagans did not refer to this symbol by this name. You may also hear the Valknut symbol referred to as the knot of the slain or Hrungnir's heart, and the symbol is very popular with Germanic Neopagans, who have adopted it as a symbol of their faith.

The symbolism of the Valknut symbol in ancient art is not fully understood, although certain suppositions can be made about it. The number three is a common symbol in many cultures and religions, as is the number nine, which is made by multiplying three by three. When the Valknut symbol began to be used in Norse art, it may have symbolized any number of things, and it was probably meant to be a powerful talisman.

In Norse mythology, the number nine has special significance because Norse myths include the idea that there are nine worlds, united by the Yggdrasil Tree of Life. The nine points of the Valknut symbol could symbolize the nine worlds and their interconnected nature, and the symbol may also be a reference to reincarnation and cyclical relationships.

Colors: Black Shirt with White Design
High Quality Cotton Tee
Sizes Available: M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL

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