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Artemis Statue

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The goddess of forests, virginity and the hunt, Artemis was one of the most widely revered goddesses of ancient Greece, and was often regarded as the beautiful daughter of Zeus and Leto, and the twin sister to the famed god Apollo. Indeed, she was even said to have been born first, before immediately aiding her mother in the birth of Apollo, and for this reason she is often viewed as a goddess of fertility and childbirth. Often depicted with a bow and arrows, she is also viewed as a fearsome woman, who was said to have often punished or slain those who offended her or forgot to make offerings to her at the proper times. This is how she is shown in this wonderful statue; a lithe young woman, with bow drawn back and arrow knocked, she is a goddess of the hunt with a wolf representing this ferocity, howling by her feet. From her head sprouts a mantle of stag horns, representative of the animal which was sacred to her, while her feet seem to rest upon the surface of the moon; a symbol that was sacred to the virginal goddess. Made of cold cast resin, the statue stands approximately 11 1/2" tall and 7" wide, and is made fantastically painted so as to appear to be sculpted of bronze.

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