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Archangel Haniel Blend For Love, Intuition, Hope and Balance


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This listing is for a 1/2 oz blend used in rituals and spell work to help recover your passion and energy for life, especially when you are feeling low. To dispel sadness, loneliness and anger and to help bring you great joy, fun in your life and hope. To heighten your intuition and bring changes and balance in all areas of your life. Use it to bring you wisdom and strength, and in rituals to facilitate physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Use it to attract love, new friends and companionship. Use in your miracle workings. Burn to communicate with Archangel Haniel. Sprinkle around your home to bring happiness and improve relationships, and to attract love. Mix with sea salt and use it in your baths.
Archangel Haniel is called the “Glory Of The Grace Of God.” She is an angel of principalities and the caregiver of all nations on earth. She is empowered with great wisdom and strength, and she can directly impact human affairs. When called upon, Haniel can change the hearts and minds of world leaders to bring about significant changes for the benefit of humanity. She is able to turn barren ground into fertile and productive land. 
Haniel radiates inner wisdom and strength which she willingly imparts to anyone who calls upon her. She also imbues people with common sense and is wonderful to invite in times of discord. Haniel reminds you to find fulfillment from within rather than trying to find happiness from outside yourself. She reminds humans that external joy is fleeting, while the happiness which comes from within is never lost.

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