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Archangel Gabriel Bracelet for Protection and Guidance


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This listing is for a beautiful angel bracelet which will be ritually charged with Archangel Gabriel blessings. Wear the bracelet when working with Gabriel, seeking protection, guidance and assistance.

Call on Gabriel for a safe healthy pregnancy, to help you bond and connect with your unborn child and to help you prepare for the birth of your child. Call on him for help with guidance on how to raise your children well. Call on the angel to help and guide you with making positive changes in your life and to connect with your feminine side. Place it inside your car, purse or wear it when traveling. Wear in angel rituals calling Gabriel seeking his assistance to interpret dreams and visions. Wear it to protect you from violent weather and when traveling overseas. Wear it to bring you joy and promote self love. Gabriel has the ability to grant wishes, help with revealing the truth and grant justice, so you can call on him seeking his assistance.

This silver tone chain bracelet has a lobster claw closure and is made with silver tone beads, blue rolo beads and a dangling blue angel. Blue is the color of Archangel Gabriel. The bracelet measures approximately 7 1/2 inches long.

This bracelet will be ritually consecrated and blessed before shipping out to you. So you are not just purchasing a plain bracelet, you will be receiving a ritually charged bracelet with the above intentions.

Archangel Gabriel bracelet for safe travel, communication, pregnancy, guidance, strength, hope, dreams, visions, cleansing, forgiveness, changes and love.
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