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Anti Haunting Spray


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This listing is for a 2 ounce plastic spray bottle of Anti-Haunting Spray.

It is made with rain water I have collected in glass mason jars that also contain a clear quartz crystal that has been charged under the light of the full moon. I keep my charged rain water in the window sill in my work room so it is always exposed to natural light, whether it be Sun or Moon.

It contains herbs known for their metaphysical qualities of exorcism, banishing negative energy and spirits, and promoting the welcoming of good spirits.

This is a safe alternative to burning loose exorcism blend herbal incense, and would be great for children to keep in their room. Whether they have a nightmare and wake up afraid, or they fear that there is something under the bed or in the closet, real or imagined.

This would also be ideal for spraying in places where you cannot burn herbs and candles and such are prohibited, such as nursing homes, hospital rooms, the workplace, hotel rooms, wherever you need. This also contains no essential oils, just the pure charged rain water and herbs, so I would not be afraid to spray this near fabrics or worry about staining.

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