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Angels Leather Blank Book of Shadows


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Embossed in orange-dyed leather, this book portrays the beautiful design of two angels. Both feminine, with large feathered wings, you can find one on both covers. Upon the front you see one that seemingly has stars in her gown, with her hands raised to offer a bowl that overflows with magick. Upon the back, similarly robed in stars, is an angel that is seemingly in flight, raising in her hands a crescent moon and a wheel shaped into the image of a Celtic Cross. Both framed in Celtic Knotwork, and set against a backdrop that is just as mystical as they are, these angels provide a beautiful accent to the pages within, helping to create a wonderful blank book that could be used as a dream diary, a book of shadows, or any other variety of journal. Further, each of this book`s approximately 360 pages is made from cotton scraps found at the floor of garment factories and recycled biomass, such as fruit and vegetable husks. Entirely chemical and acid free, this is not only is this environmentally sound, but it lends to the book and its pages a feel and texture that leaves you yearning to write every time you pick it up. This book is approximately 5\" by 6 1/2\" in size.

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