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Angel Ring Necklace



The seven planetery angels are depicted within the enamel of the pendant, corresponding with the reverse side inscribed with their respective names, planets and days.åÊ

This pendant is sold on a leather cord, including a circle and bar closure that can be adjusted to your preference.

The following descriptionåÊdefinesåÊthe details of the inscriptions on the front and back of the pendant:


Och: Sunday/Sun/Gold

Phul: Monday/Moon/SIlver

Phaleg: Tuesday/Mars/Iron

Ophiel: Wednesday/Mercury/Quicksilver

Bethor: Thursday/Jupiter/Tin

Hagith: Friday/Venus/Copper

Arathron: Saturday/Saturn/Lead


Approximate Dimensions:åÊWidth 1.34" x Height 1.34" x Depth 0.35"
Cord Length:åÊAdjustable Leather Cord up to 30"åÊ
Materials:åÊFine English Pewter with green enamel.
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