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Air Spirit Shakti Pendant


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Invoke the Element of Air and its fundamental qualities with this shimmering pendant.

The Element of Air is expansive, enveloping, essential to Life.
Air's nature is fresh, cleansing, communicative and uplifting. It symbolizes the immaterial, the soul, the breath, the intellect, and freedom.
It is associated with divination, teaching, telepathy and travel.

Associated Zodiac signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Associated Chakras: Heart, Throat and Third Eye

Art pendant is 1” wide by 2” tall, with a 24" chain. Made of lead-free and nickle-free zinc alloy with an antique bronze finish. Artwork is printed on metallic paper to give it extra shine, and is protected by a glass tile with smooth, rounded edges.

The Shakti Series by Cristina McAllister explores various sacred concepts through symbolic female figures, harmonious composition and elements of decorative design.

Shakti: a Sanskrit word that describes the sacred creative energy of the Universe in feminine form. Shakti represents the balance of the dynamic forces that form our reality. She embodies creativity, bliss, freedom and the manifestation of conscious awareness. 

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