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Air Elemental Quarter Candle Holder-Marker


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Our Air elemental quarter candle holders are extremely unique a beautifully detailed. With an open area to hold a candle, crystals or herbs, you will see the elemental symbol of Air (a triangle with a horizontal line 1/2 way down). Adorning this elemental candle holder is the imagery of a vibrant fairy, clouds and a dragonfly. The back of the air candle holder has a tree slightly bent over with air rushing through it and birds flying about. Use this quarter candle marker to hold a candle and light it as you summon the element of air, or you can use it as a cone incense holder. You could fill the hallowed area with feathers, stones or herbs that correspond the to element of air as well!

Light a candle in the east to welcome the spirit of air with this elemental altar piece.  An air elemental spirit is surrounded by natural representations of the spirit of air in this unique candle holder.

Size: 3" x 3.25" resin altar piece, wood color finish.
Weight: 7oz.

This item can also be purchased in a "complete altar set" as well.       

it is possible for this item to have slight variations from what is shown in the picture.   
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