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1lb Untumbled Black Tourmaline Stones

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Black tourmaline is often seen in pendants and jewelry as a glossy black stone--an experience that varies greatly from viewing it in its more natural, untumbled state. In this bulk package of black tourmaline untumbled stone you will find the beauty of tourmaline displayed within its crystalline patterns. With straight edges, it appears layered and fused, as though many pencil leads had been melted together in a great furnace. The stone is a wonderful aid for seeking balance and harmony, and can be used to help counter negative energies and influences. It is sometimes used for protection, or to help stabilize moods. Each piece measures approximately 1 1/2" to 2" in length, though as these are natural formations sizes will vary. This is a 1 lb bulk package of untumbled black tourmaline (roughly 50-60 pieces).

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