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1lb Tumbled Lapis Lazuli Stones


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Lapis lazuli is a beautiful stone, whose cobalt blue coloring is beautifully shown off when tumbled, along with an inner quality that makes it appear as though the piece has been sprinkled in gold glitter. It is commonly found in a wide variety of jewelry, and was even used to create the paints used to portray rich blue coloring up until the 19th century. In magical practice, Lapis is a stone of awareness and intuition. It is a stone of the mind that is often used to help bring wisdom and knowledge. Wear it, or add it to your charm bags, or arrange them within your home, altar, and sacred space to help bring these qualities to yourself. In crystal healing, lapis is believed to help align your energies, and is said to be useful in healing matters involving the voice. This is a 1 lb package of tumbled lapis lazuli (tumbled lapis). Each piece averages 1\" in diameter, though exact sizes may vary as each stone is a product of nature.

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