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1lb Smokey Quartz tumbled stones


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Smokey Quartz appears much like a regular clear quartz, with its translucent surface revealing fissures, internal cracks, and impurities that truly make each stone remarkable and unique. Smokey Quartz however appears as though a candle was snuffed within a jar, and all of the smoke within was captured and made stone. Its calming energy is wonderful for helping to ease your mind, making it useful in meditation. This soothing quality is also great for helping one to let go of negative thoughts and emotions that cloud your own mind. Use it in your crystal healing and spells when you need to soothe anxiety, nervous behavior, anger, or other such thoughts, helping to build and improve communication, and stave off impulses born of emotion. Each package contains 1 lb of stones, ranging in size from 3/4" in diameter to 1 1/2". Exact quantities may vary.

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