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1lb Fluorite tumbled stones


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Flourite is a beautiful and magical stone that comes in such vibrant colors as to almost appear to be artificial. Within this bulk package of Flourite tumbled stones you will find vibrant violets and softer tones of red or blue, matched by deep verdant greens and stones that are crystal clear, all of which shine with translucent beauty when struck by the light. In crystal healing and magical practice, they are commonly used to ground out over-abundant energy, and in cleansing and healing practices that help you free yourself of unwanted attachments to others. In working with spirits, they are often used to communicate with Nature spirits, helping an individual develop communication. This is a 1 lb bag of Flourite tumbled stones, with exact colors and sizes varying. Sizes typically range from 1/2" in diameter to 1 1/2" in size.

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