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Wiccan Altar Boxes and Tarot BoxesUnique witch boxes, herb cupboards, magical storage, tarot boxes & bags, mojo bags, spell bags & more. Our beautiful boxes are great for adorning your altar as well as holding your magical trinkets, herbs ritual tools and tarot cards. Also within this collection, you will find plenty of tarot bags and mojo bags. Each different from the next. You also have the option to customize your very own special tarot bag/mojo bag or choose from an assortment of pre made gris gris bags as well. Check out Sabbat Box, a subscription box for pagans and wiccans, delivered each sabbat, if you are looking for a specially curated subscription box.

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Spell Boxes Witch Boxes Magical Storage
Spell Boxes, Witch
Boxes & Magical Storage

Tarot Bags Rune Bags Mojo Bags
Empty Bags, Spell Bags,
and Pouches

Hand Crafted Spell Boxes Altar Boxes and Tarot Boxes
Hand Crafted Spell Boxes,
Altar Boxes & Tarot Boxes
handmade tarot bags rune bags
Tarot Bags and
Rune Bags
 Mojo Bags and Gris Gris Bags
Mojo Bags and Gris Gris Bags

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