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Our Wiccan and Pagan Vendor Collections of handmade wiccan supplies are vast and unique. Eclectic Artisans makes this possible because we offer an online open source for artisans alike to post their pagan products on our site and sell with us. We want to please our customers! We strive to have those unique spiritual gifts and those one of a kind hard to find wiccan products that you just cannot find anywhere else. From magical jewelry to pagan art, from ritual tools to spell candles, and all the witchy stuff you could ever want or need can be found here! Our artists seek perfection and ONLY create the highest quality, hand crafted, artisanal products. This page contains links to our collections from our many talented artists & artisans. Our Online New Age Shop welcomes you with arms wide open! Be sure to check back often, Eclectic Artisans are adding new artists and their products daily! Enjoy!

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Altar Tables Books Of Shadows Incense Powders
Altar Supplies Wiccan Themed Sun Catchers Pagan Jewelry
Pendulums Signs & Pagan Decor Athames & Ritual Tools
Spell Boxes Wands Fire Powders
Scrying Mirrors Statuary God/ess Dolls
Candle Holders Spell Candles Pagan Clothing
Walking Sticks/Staffs Fragrance Oils Organic Bath & Body
Ritual Soaps Magickal Components Talking Boards
Pagan Art By Dawafina Besoms Shakti Jewelry
Handmade Hoodoo/Spell items Pagan Art & Creations By Meggan Wiccan Goddess Statuary
Handmade Tarot Candles Handmade Mandala Jewelry New To EA


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