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Eclectic Artisans (eartisans.net) is the first demographic specific marketplace of its kind that specifically brings together people of the Pagan, Wiccan, New Age & Metaphysical communities to showcase and purchase beautiful and unique handmade products that cater to and interest others within these communities. All items sold by our artisans must be handmade and pass our approval process in order to be showcased. Eclectic Artisans is a community of Pagan & New Age Artisans BY people of the Pagan and New Age communities. Our sign up process is quick and easy. We give our artisans a better chance at selling by bringing their targeted audience to them, not the other way around. By working together as a community, we will be able to help support local artisans while satisfying customers looking for quality products, and support small business. A win-win for all!

A New Way For People To Shop New Age

With so many similar places online that try to cater to everyone in every demographic, along with extreme competition on these other websites & venues, as well as many items that lack quality-we (the founders of Eclectic Artisans) decided to create a special resource for the people of our growing community to get a fair chance to reach their intended audience by showcasing their handmade items. We make it extremely easy and affordable! Because Eclectic Artisans is the first demographic specific marketplace online for the Pagan, Wiccan, New Age, Metaphysical & Magical communities, it allows visitors to easily find items that appeal to them the most. These are visitors that are on our site because they came here with the intention of finding something specific regarding their spiritual practice and know that the items they purchase here will be of the highest quality-due to the reputation Eclectic Artisans has gained since its inception.

Eclectic Artisans differs from other similar marketplaces in many ways, but how we differ the most is in our quality of products & affordability. Each artisan & vendor that showcases their handmade items must meet our qualifications for what would appeal to our visitors, as well as meet a certain degree of quality in order to be able to showcase their items on Eclectic Artisans’ online shop. (Our Seller’s Approval Process For Artisans).


Eclectic Artisans also wanted to make selling your handmade items simple & affordable. Eclectic Artisans DOES NOT charge membership fees, posting fees or monthly fees, and you do not have to worry about transaction fees or merchant processing. We take care of it ALL!

·      Our artisans and vendors don’t EVER have to worry about coming out of pocket to post & sell their
       talented creations with the world.

·      Our artisans never have to worry about credit card processing or dealing with unfair credit
       card processing fees that some marketplaces impose.

·      Our Artisans are able to ADD AS MANY PRODUCTS AS THEY WISH. There I no “product limit.”

·      Our artisans do not have a time frame in which they must sell their items nor do their listings expire.
       This gives you more time to focus on your passion and not dealing with “re-posting.”

·      Our artisans simply sign up, and once they have been approved, they are able to post their products.
       When they have a sale, they ship the item off, and are paid for their accrued sales on the 1st of each
       month and the 15th of each month.

·      We reimburse our artisans for shipping charges as well. Whatever the customer is charged at checkout,
       we pay YOU*

·      Eclectic Artisans acts as a liaison between you & the customer. You never have to worry about getting
       in touch with the customer or handling customer inquiries.

·      Eclectic Artisans works as a “submit & post” marketplace. This means you don’t have to worry about
       setting up your shop. We do the work for you! All you have to do is register and add products, the rest is
       on us! Any editing or changes to products is done by submission as well.

(See How EA works for sellers) or (Seller FAQ’s)

*Shipping charges are calculated by weight of product(s) and address to where products are being shipped too.


What Types Of Items Can I Sell At Eclectic Artisans As A Vendor/Artisan?

1.    Eclectic Artisans allows artisans and vendors to sell HANDMADE items that would appeal
       to the Pagan, Wiccan, New Age, Metaphysical & Magical communities. We do allow “mundane”
       products to be sold as well (but for the intent to appeal to people within the specified communities).
       (What can I sell on EA? In Seller’s FAQ’s)

2.    Eclectic Artisans ONLY allows ONE artisan per “store.”

3.    You MUST be 18 years or older to join.

4.    Eclectic Artisans Does Not allow “used or vintage” items to be showcased. Eclectic Artisans
       Does Not allow artisans to sell food or items for ingesting. Eclectic Artisans Does Not allow
       psychic readings or “spells” for a customer. You can sell spell kits, but items must be tangible
       and the customer should be able to use the item for themselves.

5.    You must have at least ONE product to sell in order to join the Eclectic Artisans Team, and include
       at least TWO high quality photos of your item along with description of the item. (Click Here to learn
       how to take studio quality photos of your products in 9 simple steps w/items you most likely
       already own).

6.    Eclectic Artisans RESERVES the right to deny or cancel any artisan’s store or product for any time
       for any reason.

7.    Eclectic Artisans does not allow items to be sold that contain or could be considered slanderous,
       offensive, harmful, or dangerous. Eclectic Artisans does not endorse items that may be considered such.

8.    Do you know someone who may be interested in joining the Eclectic Artisans Team? With our “refer an
       artisan program,” you can refer a friend to us, and if they join Eclectic Artisans, you are eligible for a
       30-day discount to purchase any items you wish!

Come on over and see (How Eclectic Artisans Works & What Does It Cost)? Here you will find out the details and see that Eclectic Artisans is the PERFECT fit for you to promote and sell your handcrafted Pagan, Wiccan, New Age and Metaphysical items that appeal to our visitors and customers.


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