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Eclectic Artisans is dedicated to providing a place online where people of the Pagan, Wiccan, New Age, Metaphysical, & Magical communities can come together to buy AND sell high quality handmade, handcrafted pagan & new age products. Since we cater to people within these communities, there are guidelines in what artisans and vendors are allowed showcase to sell with us. To insure optimal customer experience and to stay in line with our mission, all items go through our (approval process).


What Is Considered To Be A Pagan, Wiccan, New Age Or Metaphysical Item?

Eclectic Artisans wishes to showcase any handmade items that relates to or appeals to people who follow different types of Earth based spirituality, Occultism, Shamanism or Witchcraft and its affiliated practices. We do accept “mundane” products as well (See Mundane items below). If you are unfamiliar with any of these terms or unsure if your item would appeal to our customers, feel free to register and we will gladly accept handmade items that would still appeal to our community that may not necessarily be Pagan or Spiritually related. 

  • Items being posted and sold by artisans MUST be handmade. Items that you showcase must be made or created by you.
  • Items must be considered “New.” Items being showcased cannot be previously owned, used or vintage. Exception...if the product consists of “re-purposed” or “redecorated craft work” in order to create an entirely new product, that is considered acceptable, as long as the item(s) is/are handmade.
  • Eclectic Artisans prefers items that are unique, as well as items that wouldn’t be considered mass-produced and do not infringe on any copyrights or trademarks.

Here are a few items that would be considered acceptable to be sold with us that would appeal to the Pagan, Wiccan, New Age, Metaphysical & Magical Communities (this list is non inclusive. These are just examples of items we do accept).

  • Handmade jewelry, i.e. chakra jewelry, new age/metaphysical jewelry, ritual jewelry
  • Handmade altar supplies- Handmade besoms, handmade cauldrons, handmade altar tiles, handmade candleholders, handcrafted incense burners and travel altars.
  • Handmade ritual supplies- handcrafted wands, handmade athames, handcrafted books of shadows, handcrafted altar tables, handmade candles. Also spell kits and ritual kits are welcomed and encouraged.
  • Handmade apothecary items and spell supplies- Handcrafted oils, handmade incense, handmade vials and tools. Hand crafted perfumes & spell kits.

What Are Mundane Items?

Mundane items are items that may not necessarily be designated with the sole purpose for Pagan, Wiccan or Metaphysical/Spiritual practice, BUT would appeal to our communities and have an occult/new age “flare” to them.

Here are a few  examples of mundane items that would be considered acceptable to showcase on Eclectic Artisans:

  • Home décor and artwork- Handmade items such as statuary, welcome signs, paintings, storage boxes, furniture, décor items, bedding, pillows things for “inside a spiritual or pagan home.”
  • Kitchen items/kitchen witch items- Handcrafted or hand-tooled utensils, cookware, glassware, mugs, cups, vases, formal dishware, earthenware.
  • New age or pagan garden and outdoor décor- Handmade fairy houses, stepping stones, garden plaques, garden tools, outdoor statuary, knick knacks, gnomes
  • Bath and body and personal hygiene items- Artisan soaps, vegan & vegetarian friendly lotions, herbal baths, scrubs,lotions, sprays, perfumes, external use remedies, handmade candles and similar items.


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