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Do you have a talent that you would like showcase? Has anyone ever told you should try to sell what you make? Would you like to be paid to showcase your talents and be paid for doing something you like to do? Do you consider yourself an "Artisan"? If you have said YES to any of these questions, then Eclectic Artisans would like to add you to part of our team! Eclectic Artisans focuses on making high quality wiccan supplies for a wide audience of people, for the magical & mundane. Our goal is for our vendors to produce 100% handcrafted artisanal products. Also, in order to cater to a vast consumer base, we want to keep a vast line of products readily available for those customers demands. With that being said, if you think you have a custom or handmade product that keeps in line with our mission, we would like to hear from you! Your product could be the next best seller on Eclectic Artisans!



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