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The Organic Wonderland - Lily's Bio


Lily S: The Organic Wonderland- I am Lily St. Clair Libra ; Eclectic Solitary Witch; living in Sunny Florida with my own Altar Room and Workshop. My purpose in life is to help others and help & love our Earth and all living creatures. I decided to make these candles because I was never satisfied with the ones I'd buy in stores or online and wanted to be able to make any candles for the spells I was doing. It's out of love and pleasure I decided to begin this company and working on adding more types of products to make and that you the customer will fall in love with. Enjoy browsing my great selection of handmade spell candles, ritual candles, and day to day wonderfully scented candles for your home, office or sacred space. Blessed be to you and yours. )O(

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