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Fantastic spell kits, altar kits & sabbat kits for all of your magical needs. We provide a fantastic go to resource that makes it easy for you to manifest your magical desire. Our selection of kits range in intent, purpose, type, and use. From ritual bath kits, to full moon kits, we do 

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Wiccan Altar Kits Witches Altar Sets
Altar Kits
Wicca Spell Kits Witchcraft Spell Kits
Spell Kits & Ritual Kits
Wiccan Herb Sets Witches Herb Kits Herbal Apothecary
Herb Sets
Herbal Incense Sets - Loose Wiccan Herbal Incense Sets
Herbal Incense Sets
Ritual Oil Sets Wiccan Oil Sets Wiccan Oil Kits
Ritual Oil Sets
Ritual Bath Kits
Ritual Bath Kits
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