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Sherry's Bio: The Barefoot Witchery Shoppe

 The Barefoot Witchery ShoppeSherry: The Barefoot Witchery Shoppe- All of my products are created with love and the best of intentions. I hope to give others any measure of comfort and peace that I can. For example, I recently lost my mother to a long term illness. I searched for help dealing with the situations, when I was having to drive an hour every day to see her in the hospital for a couple of months. I sought help from a trusted online Pagan supply store that I had ordered from in the past and was very disappointed to receive no response. Therefore, I sought to learn on my own. I have just recently created my "Loss of a Loved One Spell/Ritual Kit". It is two kits in one--one to honor the loved one in a rite of crossing ritual, and the other one is for helping the one left behind to find closure, healing, and peace. I also offer my "Travel Protection Mojo Bag", that I first created when my husband went to work overseas in Pakistan. He took it with him, and I'm pleased to say he's still safe, although I miss him very much.

I believe we all walk our own path, and I'm thrilled that mine has taken me in this direction. I have always believed in being open-minded and looking at things from every possible angle, and to always question everything. Therefore, I love people for who they are, not just if they believe the same things I do. There is a little right and a little wrong in everything, but who are we to say? After all, love is the fruit of the Tree of Life.

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