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Resin Incense-Exotic Incense For Magical & Mundane Use

Resin Incense have been used for thousands of years, and are some of the very first methods in which people used for incense.  Often one of the most natural forms of incense you can find, resin and granular incense is often created from the actual saps and residues of the plants from which the incense originates. Our Resins and Granular incense allow you to set the tone for your magical workings, meditation, and sacred rites. Many common spells, ritual and sacred initiations are done while utilizing and burning resin incense. Our resin incense work best with charcoal diskettes that allow the incense to burn slowly in order to emit the appropriate fragrance. From Dragon's Blood, to Frankincense, we supply our customers with both common and exotic resins, in bulk or in custom blends.
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