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Pure Essential Oils

100% High quality, PURE Essential Oils, for aromatherapy, therapeutic, metaphysical, fragrance and magickal needs. With pure essential oils, you are able to blend and create your very own perfumes and fragrance, bath oils, soaps, salves, healing remedies and more! Eclectic Artisans provides a source of commonly utilized and the most popular pure essential oils. To obtain pure essential oils, there are a few ways, but one of the most common is via Steam Distillation. A "Still" is packed full of organic material, and steamed at a certain temperature. The heat and the steam extracts the essential oil from the organic material (along with water). The still will separate the pure oil from the water (also known as hydrosols). Hydrosols are the mixture of water and essential oils from organic matter. The remaining oil left over after the process is completed is the pure essential oil. Essential oils are very powerful, and we recommend that you dilute your oil with a carrier oil before use. We also recommend testing your oil in a small area before use. Some oils can irritate the skin

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