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Pagan-Wiccan Pillar Candles-For All of Your Magical Needs

Pagan-Wiccan Pillar Spell Candles
Pillar spell candles are a popular choice amongst magical practitioners for their ease of use and ability to be crafted with multiple intents and purposes. Eclectic Artisans offers a wide variety of different pillar candles that can be used for spell work or for mundane decor. Pillar candles are typically thicker than your average taper candle and feature a flat top. This wider base allows them to be more readily placed upon any flat, stable surface that will not be damaged by heat or wax but also means they will take up more space within your home or upon your altar. The collection of pillar candles provided here offer a wide range of scents, sizes, and intentions to bring to your ritual craft or sacred space.
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