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 Welcome To The Eclectic Artisans Blogs & Blogging Friends

With Eclectic Artisans quickly becoming the premier source for unique wiccan supplies and handmade pagan products, we decided to add more contribution to the metaphysical community. We have teamed up with a few people to give our visitors & customers the option to follow and read our Contributors Blogs in order to interact, engage and learn from each other. What better way to share our journies then to document them and speak about them together! Take a look below and check out our Eclectic Artisans Bloggers. Ranging from a variety of topics, each Blogger is sure to drum up great conversation, recipes, ideas, stories, book reviews, tarot reviews, magical ideas as well as a little enchantment added on top!

-Our Current Contributors-

Nikki Emmons - Musings Of The Not So Mundane

pagan blogMusings Of The Not So Mundane- Joined April 24, 2013: When it comes to having a knack for finding magic within the mundane world, this girl has it! Our newest blogger, Nikki is sure to create buzz with her unique way of looking at our world magically, and how to merge mundane ideas with "the not so mundane." She is a mother, a healer, and has a passion for the craft. Seeking wisdom in all avenues, Nikki is sure to help enhance the way you may view your own spirituality and magical practice. With such a place to express herself and her passion to learn and share, this blog will become a valuable tool for those walking this cunning path. Much knowledge is to be gained from her unique perspective, and when you add in the interaction of others and the knowledge that others can provide, the experience and interaction becomes invaluable. Come share your thoughts on her posts, offer ideas, input, and your personal wisdom regarding to each topic, as we can learn from each other and pass down "the old ways" to those seeking this path in the future. Nikki's Bio.

Thomas Howe - Pathmade.com

pagan blogsPathmade.com- Tom, a recent retiree of the Air Force of 21 years, father of 4, and self published author, has taken the initiative to create a blog about his path & his journeys. Path Made is a record of views on a myriad of subjects: from the spiritual to the political, from product reviews to philosophical musings, from the everyday mundane to the unique and magical. This unique perspective will bring yet another perspective on our way through the world. The tagline of the blog is a quote from J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings: "Not all who wander are lost."

Tom will also be including in his posts, a regular review of Tarot, a personal interest of his. Included in these posts will be reviews of particular decks and books and guides available to help the casual practitioner become more acquainted with this often-misunderstood form of divination.  You can find his blog via Wordpress at pathmade.com. You can also get a copy of his recently published book "Latent Image"-via Amazon Here.

  Jamie Kimmel - I Am Wiccan Hear Me Roar & Wiccan Reads

witchcraft blogI Am Wiccan Hear Me Roar- I’m J.ME and this blog of mine is about all things pagan. I’ll be voicing my opinion of pagan products, traditions and what’s going on with the pagan movement.  I’ll frequently post a history lesson of where certain traditions and words originated from.  I may even throw in a special recipe or cool ritual idea for the Sabbats. My goal is to spark conversation, and create a place where like minded people can come together & share ideas and traditions too. Come share your favorite ritual ideas, recipes, and opinions with me, as this is what it's all about!

Wiccan Reads- Wiccan Reads is a supplemental blog that Jamie is also the creator of. This blog is a little slice of the web dedicated to reviews of books in the Pagan, New Age, Wiccan & Metaphysical Realm. Come on by, and catch up with Jamie as she shares her views on a variety of topics relating to the pagan literary aspect. This is a great place to get recommendations, and opinions to help you pick out your next "Wiccan Read".

The Eclectic Artisans Blogwich

wiccan blog The Eclectic Artisans "Blogwich"- Eclectic Artisans Blogwich is a blog hosted by the proprietors & artisans here at Eclectic Artisans. Here you will find a little bit of everything from the current "going ons" at Eclectic Artisans, recipes, sabbat celebration ideas &  interesting magickal tidbits of information to help increase the connection between you and your spirituality. We also will be adding some interviews with our artisans, and help keep our friends up to date on pagan festivities within our area as well! Our focus is to help bring a little more magick to your day!

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