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Pagan and Wiccan BooksPagan Books, Metaphysical Books, New Age Books, Witchcraft and Wiccan Books. Eclectic Artisans takes pride in offering such wonderful resources and tools for those looking to enlighten one's body, mind and soul as well as assist one down their spiritual path. Below you will find a wide range of very specific books on Paganism, Wicca, Witchcraft, The Occult, Herbalism and more. Whether you are brushing up on your Wicca 101, or looking for more advanced literature regarding earth based spirituality and similar topics, you will have no problem finding what it is you are looking for right here. Be sure to check back with this section frequently, as we are always updating, adding and editing our collection of books. Looking for something specific and we don't have it? Contact Us and we will do our very best to speak with our many distributors to get you what it is you are looking for!
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Best Selling Pagan & Wiccan Books
Best Sellers

Astrology Books
Norse Celtic and Druid Paganism Books
Norse, Druid, Celtic Books
Witches Calendars and Wiccan Calendars
Wiccan Calendars &
Witches Almanacs
Children's Pagan Books
Pagan Books
Witchcraft Books and Paganism Books
Witchcraft Books &
Paganism Books
Books on Crystals
Books On Crystals &
Books on Divination
Books On Divination,
Tarot, Runes & Practice
Dream Books
Dreams &
Egyptian Magick
Egyptian Topics &
Egyptian Magick
Books on Fairies and Angels
Fairies &
Books on Herbalism, Herb Magick and Oils
Herbalism &
Books Of Shadows
Journals & Leather
Books On Meditation & Astral Projection
Meditation & Astral
Projection Books
Books On The Occult & Occultism
Occult, Occultism
Books On Shamanism
Books on Spellcraft & Candle Burning
Spellcraft &
Candle Burning
Books On Santeria
Books On Tarot & Tarot Guides
Tarot Books
Aliester Crowley Books
Aleister Crowley Books
Books On Hoodoo & Voodoo
Voodoo &
Books On Phychic Development Channeling & Mediums
Psychic, Channeling,
Medium Reference
Eclectic Artisans Entire Pagan Book Collection
Books On High Magick, Magickal Texts & Magical Reference
Other Books, Magick,
Magickal References,
Magickal Texts & Theory


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