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Our Mission

 Eclectic Artisans is focused on providing high-quality, hand-crafted products. Our goal is to make you smile with the products we offer! We are an online business destined to keep a broad supply of unique products to appeal to our customers. Our customers are our inspiration, and we strive to carry items that our customers want and enjoy! Also, with so many products out there being sold on so many different websites, we strive to supply completely unique styles of products, and take a new and fresh approach to satisfying our customers.

Eclectic Artisans' Goal is to become one of the first websites where at least 85% of our product line consists of local, handmade, handcrafted artisanal products for the pagan, new age & metaphysical community. With this mission in mind, we hope to become a valuable resource for "the little guys" out there! We want to bring to you items that you don't see every day, as well as exclusive lines of products and items that can only be found at Eclectic Artisans. By providing this service, it allows the people who visit our website to know that they will be searching a catalog that consists of hand picked products only of the highest quality. When a customer purchases an item, it is helping to support local artists & artisans. Also each purchase helps to keep our mission alive, and ensures that Eclectic Artisans will be able to continue providing Divine New Age, Pagan, Wiccan, Witchcraft & Metaphysical Products, as well as birthday gifts, hand fasting gifts, and wedding gifts.

All summed up, Eclectic Artisans provides a resource for local artists, hand-craftors, artisans, craftsmen and women, to come together to showcase their New Age, Metaphysical & Pagan products to their targeted customers that visit our site. It is a less competitive way to reach their audience in comparison to similar sites with the same goal in mind (but more mainstream). It is also a resource for the Pagan, New Age & Metaphysical community to find high quality items, and prices that everyone can afford! Let us show you the new way to shop for new age products...by browsing our website to find those fine goods for the magical & mundane!

So take a look around our site, check out our products and indulge!
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