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Pagan Blogger Nikki E- Musings Of The Not So Mundane Blogger- I am eclectic on my path. I try to see the magic in the mundane and the good in everything. This beautiful path that leads my way has been amazing thus far, I see the world in a whole new light. I didn't think that things could get more beautiful than it was but it has. I wish to share and help others see what I see. I am the person who loves to sing out loud, even though I cannot carry a tune. Or dance as if I were the most amazing performer in the world, which I am not that at all. Or laugh so hard that I cry. I try to instill this in my children, which as we know is not so easy sometimes. To my teen son I embarrass him, of course, but to my little girl we can go on forever. Singing, dancing and running from the dragons! I have always felt that I was put in this life as a healer, I am a Reiki practitioner and love to give healings as much as possible. But, as with everything, I move on. Always searching, always looking for different things that my heart calls to. This life offers a plethora of information to study, to learn, to explore...all just sitting there waiting for us. This world also offers so many things that have always been here, I just think that a lot of people forgot how to use them. This intrigues me, so I guess I am the wanna be herbalist, the kitchen witch with hopes of being a nomad one day. Traveling town to town earning money through healings and my art that I sell from a horse pulled caravan. Did I mention that I'm a dreamer?

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