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Mike Hasse All Pagan ShopMike Hasse: The All Pagan Shop- I am 46 years old, and I have followed the pagan path for many years. I Did join a coven at one time but realized that is not for me. I follow an Egyptian path, with Osiris as my god and Isis as my goddess. I volunteer when ever possible and I help those in the community that may need help building or fixing something. I create many different magical items. From reading boards, to god and goddess pendants and more! All the items I create are handmade and hand carved by me.I have a hard time charging people who need help, so mostly it is what they want to give or not. I enjoying creating the things I make, but at times, I find it hard to put a price on my items. For the most part, my friends are the ones that advise me on what to charge. If you happen to want a custom made product, or a special request, please feel free to submit your request here.

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