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Lola Y's Bio - Sakred Stones

Greetings, I've been anticipating your visit! I'm Lola, owner of Sakred Stones.

My journey has been an amazing one. I am able to look back now and realize my path was headed exactly here, all this time. I've spent the last 9 years owning & operating my own health food store. Healthy, real food is still a passion of mine even though my shop is now closed. I've always been a very creative person and spent most of my relaxing time doing something creative with my hands. I started making jewelry as a stress releaser when my shop closed for the day. It helped me get my mind off business stuff and use my right brain to get things back in balance. I've had a passionate and joyful relationship with gemstones my whole life, although I regarded it more of a hobby than a craft. At my friends encouragement, I started selling a few simple pieces at my store, and was completely giddy when some of them sold. Fast forward to 2009...bankruptcy, store closing, bank foreclosures, my life was temporarily consumed with some very negative energies. One day I was having a session with one of my healers and a very interesting conversation transpired. My shop was going under, but I was having huge issues with letting it go. During our healing session I received a message so loud and clear that it sat me up and almost off the table. Time to move on. But to what? My healer looked at me and asked one simple question...what would you love to do for YOU, what is YOUR bliss? I knew with zero hesitation that I needed to use my creative talent. I immediately went home and brought out my jewelry tools and went to work creating.

My sincere wish is that you find something here that speaks to you, something that I made special just for you. Perhaps a stone that will offer energetic support for you, or help you through a difficult time or maybe help you connect with your higher self. Stones, rocks and gems are our mineral allies, they are here to support us and bring us joy and enlightenment. And we all need that.

Brightest Blessings,

Lola ☮
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