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 Linda Farr Psychic & MediumLinda- (Spiritual Styles)- was born in London, England. She is a Psychic & Medium, Reiki Master, as well as a certified life coach. Her family were all Mediums as well. When she was younger, many days were spent with her Grandma reading tea leaves and attending seances. Her family in England were all Spiritually gifted, each with a unique gift.

Over 30 years ago she began to train so that she could develop her gift to help others. Since then, she has been blessed to do her work and to get to know so many wonderful people. Linda has clients all over the USA, UK and Mexico. Her clientele has been able to grow so quickly based upon word of mouth and her accurate abilities. She has four beautiful children and four beautiful Grandchildren. She currently lives in Florida in an old 1925 two story enchanted home.

As Linda tends to move quite often, she has learned to develop the art of telephone coaching and spiritual readings, which never cease to amaze her clients or herself. Linda says, " I admit my work is fun, never boring and I receive deep satisfaction in helping my clients."
As well as being a medium, Linda also a certified Reiki practitioner. On her spare time she enjoys creating and working with stones to create beautiful and unique metaphysical items. Her favorite items as well as her specialty is to create her Pendulums. Each Pendulum is made based on how she feels the energies of the stone want to be worked. Her Pendulums are great for divination, Reiki & Healing Sessions, and Shamanic work to name a few!

On top of that, each of her Pendulums, Bracelets, and Necklaces are infused with her own Reiki Energies to promote healing, well being, positivity, and joy!

Come on over to Linda's "Spiritual Styles" collection, and bring a piece of beauty into your home today!
"We have the tools to manifest an amazing life, let me show you how. Let go and find your joy!" - Linda Farr
if you would like to set up an appointment with Linda (For a Channeling, Psychic Reading, Tarot Reading, Life Coaching or all of the above), please feel free to contact Linda at 602-502-2154. You can also contact Linda by e-mail at Lifecoach1@live.com or Lindafarr@live.com .

A side note from Hugh Carey... Creator, Proprietor & Artisan w/Eclectic Artisans

~If I had never met Linda (via the bank I use to work at), Eclectic Artisans Would Not Exist! I spoke with her one day, as she came into the bank to do her normal deposits, and I asked," so what do you do?" Linda replied subtly, " I am a medium." With much skepticism, I replied, "Oh really?" Afterwards I asked her how to get in touch (still with skepticism). With a bright smile and a warm heart, Linda replied If you would ever like a reading, I will be more than happy to help!

A few weeks went by, and I had remembered that Linda had given me her card. With my grandmother recently passing, and me not ever speaking with a psychic before, as well as being a skeptic and not a very "spiritual person at the time," I decided to give it a try and to see if the skepticism was a true need. So I called and set up the appointment with her

The day finally came to contact Linda. She only works over the phone, and had me write down questions I needed answers to. She also INSISTED that I do not specify my questions to her, as she said she will do her best to find the answers to my questions that I wrote down and if by the end of the call she hadn't answered any, she would be glad to.

I finally spoke with her, she started out with a Tarot reading (and hit everything on the head that was going on in my life). She then proceeded with the channeling. Linda was able to not only reach my grandmother, but my aunt, an old friend from high school that had passed away AS WELL as my maternal grandmother. Each person (fortunately) was able to be described to me with such detail and accuracy that my skepticism had been blown away. Linda was able to tell me things about my family that in no other way would someone be able to know without her actually being able to truly "tap" into something. "That something" still to this day has intrigued me!

After finishing the phone call, my perspective on things immediately changed. Not only was my skepticism taken away, but I started to look into finding out more about that "unknown" that Linda was so very easily able to share with me. Her generous and gracious reading led me down a path of asking questions about life, "spirituality", "god", and the afterlife.

After doing a lot of research, and becoming more and more intrigued with what I was learning, I soon found myself partaking and wanting to learn as much as I could in regards to spirituality, philosophy, and the alternative belief system considered today as "New Age/Metaphysical."

Soon, I had begun walking down my own spiritual path, that has taken me on a journey of "truth" and "divine inspiration". I learned to become even more open minded than I had ever been, and thanks to Linda, I was able to find the "spiritual path" that I am on today.

Without that call I had with Linda...with her inspiring words, her wisdom, and her willing to share her gifts, I wouldn't ever have taken the initial step to seek knowledge about something I had known Sooo very little about. With that being said, I DOVE HEAD FIRST into seeking as much knowledge as I was able to regarding spirituality. I wouldn't ever have looked into the things that I did, I wouldn't have ever of met my "teacher, friend & high priestess" Lady J, and Eclectic Artisans wouldn't be in existence.

So I say with the utmost respect, loyalty, and all honesty, I THANK LINDA! I thank her for being that initial stepping stone that put me to where I am now....which is the HAPPIEST PLACE I HAVE EVER BEEN IN MY LIFE! 
Don't ever let skepticism keep you from finding truths, true happiness & joy, because it will only keep you in the dark. An open mind will allow you so many more pleasures in life~

Namaste & Blessed Be my friends!
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