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Pieces of Jayde Handmade ItemsJayde P: Pieces of Jayde- I create my work from the inside out. That is, when I choose a stone or bead, I spend time contemplating the color, form and texture of the piece before any wire touches it. I even set it bedside, allowing my dreaming mind to craft it first. Often my wire wrapping inspiration comes in the twilight of consciousness, when my mind’s eye sees the loops and swirls that will eventually envelop the stone.

When I choose the materials with which I work, I often base my decision on their metaphysical properties as well as their aesthetics. The gemstones I prefer to work with are not dyed or manufactured. Instead, I gravitate toward stones that have not come far from the ground, so to speak. My preferred palate is earth-toned, and the enhancements I use are as pure as possible, such as lead-free metals and enamel-coated wire.

Often, the materials I find are picked up along the shores of Lake Michigan, where I spend a lot of time as a beach comber. I also incorporate vintage beads and trinkets found while antiquing in the Duneland community. When creating custom work for friends, I include things I know will celebrate their individuality, such as a dragonfly charm or a silver wolf dangle.

With each piece I create, I strive to push myself a little further with the design, and challenge myself creatively. When you purchase one of my works, you truly are truly buying a Piece of Jayde.

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