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How Do I Register And Get Started? You can be up and selling in 3 Simple Steps!

Eclectic Artisans goal is to not only provide high quality handcrafted items that cater to the Pagan, Wiccan, New Age & Metaphysical communities, but we want to make it extremely affordable and easy.  Here is where you find out how to sign up and get started.  Register Here...

What Makes Eclectic Artisans Unique?

EA is unique because it isn’t just an online store. Eclectic Artisans ties together the concepts and benefits of an online marketplace, specialty shops & stores, small businesses, brick and mortar shops and consignment shops- all together in one, to provide a resource for the Pagan, Wiccan, New Age & Metaphysical communities. This is done as a means to provide a central resource to a very specific community that was lacking the specialty and quality of an all-encompassing & affordable one stop marketplace, that with an internet connection, people of this specific community is able to access from anywhere. 

Step 1- Registration

Like similar sites, you must register before you can post your items. Eclectic Artisans has a 2-part online registration process.
First we will need your basic information such as name, address, telephone number and E-Mail address.
       We also ask how you found out about Eclectic Artisans. This information is kept confidential and is sent &
       stored via a 256 bit SSL encrypted server.

2.)   From there, you will be asked to provide a short answer to the following questions.
        •Please explain what it is you make & what you would like to sell with us.
        •Please explain why someone would want to purchase your item(s)?

3.)   You will then be asked to upload 2 photos of any of your items for review. (See Below for information on our
       approval process).

4.)   Next, you will then go to step 2 of the registration.

Step 2 – Your Shop Information

This is the second part of the online registration. From here you create and provide the following information. Once your info has been submitted, your request to join will be submitted for review. Once approved, you will then be able to add your products that make up your shop. Here is some info we will ask you to submit on step 2 of the sign up process...

  • Member Username- This is basically going to be your access code. Only people that are approved to sell with EA
       will have a valid member user name. With a valid member username will be able access "command central"
       where each artisans adds products, submit tracking #'s, update your personal info & request a shop report.
  • Shop Name-here you will pick the name of your shop.
  • Bio- Here you will create an “artisan bio.” This is where people will learn the who, what, where, when and why about
       you and your products and your shop.
  • Collection Description- Here you will be able to create an overall description of your collection of items
  • Avatar- Here is where you will add a photo of your choice to go with your shop. It can be a personal photo or an
       avatar that coincides with your items or theme of your shop.
  • Payment Set Up- Here is where you will provide your paypal e-mail or bank account info. We pay all artisans via
       Paypal or electronic transfer for accrued sales that have shipped. Paydays are the 1st and 15th of each month.

***Also included in Step 2 we will verify with you that you acknowledge and understand a few important reminders such as our “Terms And Conditions”, "Sellers FAQs", "EA Pay Dates", "General Policy" and understand an item isn’t considered shipped until we receive tracking #. 

Eclectic Artisans allows anyone 18+ in the United States to sign up to sell with us. In order to stay in line with our mission and guidelines, each perspective vendor must be approved in order to sell. Also see...  What Can I Sell On EA?

Our Approval Process

Each person that registers to showcase his or her items on our site has to be approved before being granted access to post and sell. Each artisan must meet ALL of the criteria listed below…

Criteria For Approval

Step 3- Adding Products In Command Central- The Final Step

Once you have been approved to join and sell your handmade items at Eclectic Artisans, there is only one last step. Step 3 is very simple. You will visit "command central," which is located at the top menu on our site...This is where you will input the following information about your product(s) AND this is where you will go online each time to add new products and/or update your existing products. Click Here To Go To Command Central. This section is very self-explanatory and all you do basically fill in the blanks of the following...

  • Product Title
  • Product Description
  • Selling Price
  • SKU # or Product Code
  • Weight of Product
  • Quantity of product in stock
  • Upload photos of your product(s) 

Each vendor/artisan accesses command central to complete multiple tasks such as editing or updating your items,editing or updating your personal info, submitting tracking #'s & to request a shop report.

Eclectic Artisans is working hard in developing real time updates to our marketplace.  At the current time, items being added, deleted or edited may possibly take up to 1 business day to reflect changes & new additions. We are still in our “beta” stage, and we are working hard in developing a marketplace with even more ease of use for all. When you succeed, we ALL succeed!

The only cost for all of this to you is a consignment fee...which is 25% of the product price, which is only received when an item sells.

When An Order Comes In

After you have added your products and your items are visible online in your shop, that means the products are available for purchase. When a customer purchases one of your items and checks out, you will receive a E-Mail notification immediately after to the E-Mail you specified at registration. This E-Mail will include the following information pertaining to their order.  

  • The product(s) the customer ordered
  • The customer's name & shipping address
  • The quantity of items the customer ordered
  • The shipping method they chose and paid for

In A Nutshell

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