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Fey Wilde Fey- (Project Fey Collection)- Fey is a third degree, high priestess and was born into The Craft and has been practicing ever since. She is a master craftsman and professional fine artist, and has been so for over 15 years. She lives in Orlando with her loving wife Mel. Fey enjoys vending at the many pagan festivals throughout the year, especially to find homes for her beautiful items... who knows, you may have bumped into her a time or two. 


Fey is also known for her ultimate craftsmanship and her commitment to providing 100% Earth friendly products. Fey does her very best to ONLY USE FREE FALLEN WOOD, and not cut directly from the tree...this allows each item to retain its bond with the living tree from which it came, and harbors some of the tree's dryad spirit which is shared with the owner of the item(s). This also is a more eco-friendly approach! Intricate hand carving is done with no rotary tools, crystal and stone inlay and delicate wood burning make each item unique, while honoring the ancient tradition in which they are made. She uses her experience to create wooden ritual tools & items without most mass produced or modern technology while maintaining a focus on environmental awareness.“I strive to uphold the ancient traditions, treating each item (as I am working with it) as an individual, and embedding my knowledge of The Craft into each and every item I create,” says Fey.

Fey's passion is creating and sharing beautiful treasures and she expresses that passion in many ways... some of which happen to be handcrafting Books of Shadows and Ritual Items. She takes her knowledge she has obtained over the years, her skill, her magick, a lot of love, and her passion to create and manifest these unbelievably beautiful and uniquely gorgeous items!

Fey has teamed up with Eclectic Artisans to make her items available here, so you are able to bring these treasures into your home and your craft!

Custom items are her specialty! If you can think of it, Fey can bring it into fruition. Let Fey create you a completely awe inspiring customized book of shadows, ritual tools, or altar table! Any Book of Shadows, Grimoire, Journal or Spell Box can be COMPLETELY customized with hand-engraved lettering and basically any designs added to it. She will work with you through the entire process, from beginning to end! E-Mail your custom request to: customrequest@eartisans.net & let us know what your heart desires, and Fey will make it happen :-)

inside of her books

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