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Welcome To The Customer & Buyer FAQs Page

Here you will find information and answers pertaining to everything about Eclectic Artisans regarding to you being a customer and purchasing products from us. Eclectic Artisans is proudly owned and operated by people of the Pagan community. As always, if you ever have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us at info@eartisans.net or click our contact us link at the top of the page.

Customer’s Frequently Asked Questions

Does Eclectic Artisans Have A Minimum Dollar Amount Per Order?
Wiccan SuppliesDo You Have A Physical Location?
Wiccan Supplies FAQsHow Secure Is Eclectic Artisans?
Witchcraft SuppliesCan I Track My Order On Your Website?
Pagan Supplies FAQsDoes Eclectic Artisans Offer A Printed Catalog?
Handmade Pagan SuppliesDoes EA Offer Bulk Discounts?
New Age Product FAQsDoes Eclectic Artisans Provide Wholesale?
Eclectic Artisans FAQsSales Tax
What Makes Eclectic Artisans Unique?
What Is The Benefit Of Shopping At Eclectic Artisans?
What Type Of Products Does Eclectic Artisans Sell?
What Separates Eclectic Artisans From Other Online Marketplaces?
How Does Eclectic Artisans Maintain The Quality Of The Items That Artisans Showcase?

Purchasing & Shipping

What Types Of Payments Does EA Accept?
Metaphysical SuppliesWhy Isn't My Item Being Added To My Cart?
Does Eclectic Artisans Ship Products To International Customers?
How Do I Make A Purchase At Eclectic Artisans?
Handmade Pagan SuppliesHow Do I Redeem My Coupon Code?
After Checking Out, Do I Receive Confirmation Of My Purchase?
When Will My Item(s) Ship To Me?
Am I Able To Track My Shipment? Does EA Provide Tracking #’s To Me?
Is Eclectic Artisans Packaging Discreet?
How Will My Purchase Show Up On My Credit Card Or Bank Account?
What Items Does Eclectic Artisans Employees Have Responsibility In Shipping To Me?
Are Artisans That Sell Their Items On EA Responsible For Shipping Their Items?
How Does Eclectic Artisans Calculate Shipping Costs?
What Is A Shipping Handling Fee & What Does It Pay For?
Right To Charge
Can I Sign Up To Receive Newsletters & Updates About Eclectic Artisans?

Eclectic Artisans Refund & Return Policy

What Is Your Return/Refund Policy?
How Do I Return An Item I Ordered From Eclectic Artisans?
What If A Package Being Shipped To Me Is Damaged, Opened Or Looks Altered?
What If I Receive The Wrong Item(s) Or Damaged Items?
What If I Order An Item That Is Out Of Stock Or On Back-Order?
Guarantee & Warranty
Warnings & Disclaimers
Regarding Descriptions For The Herbs, Teas, Oils & All Apothecary Items Being Sold On Eclectic Artisans
Regarding All Items On EA Especially Ritual Tools & Spell Supplies
Copyright Infringement

Customer Disputes/Disputing Purchases

What If I Receive A Product From An Artisan And It Isn’t What Was Displayed On Their Shop Or The Item Is
How Do I File A Dispute?
How Do I Get Taken Off Your Mailing List?

Shipping Options Via USPS (United States Postal Service)



First Class Mail

First Class Mail International Parcel 

Standard Post

Priority Mail International

Priority Mail (AVG 2-3 days) Not Guaranteed

Priority Mail Express

USPS Priority Express (Domestic)

(first class mail may be shipped registered mail if need be)


Customer Shipping Options Via UPS (United Parcel Service)



UPS Ground

UPS Standard

UPS 3 Day Select (Priority Mail Is Just As Quick For Less $) 

UPS Express

UPS 2nd Day Air (Priority Mail Is Just As Qucik For Less $)

UPS Worldwide Expedited

UPS Next Day Air (Priority Mail Express Is Just As Quick For Less $)


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