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Silver Fire Dreams 

Courtney: Silver Fire Dreams- Let me introduce myself and my quirky but lovable family. We consist of my husband and I whom was married on September 22, 2000, my oldest son, Jonathon, who arrived on January 4, 2001, my youngest son, Sean, who made his appearance on October 25, 2005, and my only daughter, Natasha, who at least waited until after our 10 year anniversary to make her appearance on September 23, 2010.

We always have an assortment at any given time of fur family at the moment we have Coda our Springer Spaniel mix; Dresden our male Great Dane puppy, his sister Arwen; Pyro, our Flame point Siamese; Charlie our grey & white tom; Sader, our lilac point Siamese; Witch-Hazel one of our black kitties and her sister Belladonna our other black kitty. Also need to add the assortment of wildlife that hangs out, shares, & lives on our 1.09 acres.

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