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We offer a unique array of ritual clothing, hippie skirts, boho skirts & bags, Pagan clothing, caftans and scarves. Also within this section of spiritual inspired clothing, you will find an assortment of Pagan and Wiccan cloaks, Druid robes, tunics, sarongs and more! Our goal is to ensure that we offer a well rounded selection of intricately crafted clothing that would appeal most to the Pagan and Wiccan community. Whether you are looking for that perfect lightweight shawl for the beach, or that special cloak for ritual, you sure will enjoy browsing what we have to offer, here at Eclectic Artisans!

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Pagan Cloaks Wiccan Cloaks
Goddess Gowns Goddess Clothes
Goddess Gowns
Druid Robes Pagan Robes

Pagan Tunics Wiccan Tunics
Pagan Tunics

Pagan Skirts Wiccan Skirts
Pagan & Wiccan Skirts

Pagan Sarongs Wiccan Sarongs
Pagan Shawls Wiccan Shawls
Jackets & Shawls
Pagan Shirts Wiccan Shirts
Pagan T Shirts & Shirts
Pagan and Wiccan Scarves
Ritual Headband and Ceremonial Headpieces
Ritual Headbands and
Ceremonial Headpieces
Hippie Purses Totes and Bags
Tote Bags
Hip Scarves for Belly Dancing
Hip Scarves &
Belly Dance Scarves
Witchie Accessories
Witchie Accessories
Pagan Patches
Pagan Patches
Alchemy Gothic Bags
Unisex Bags/Attaches
Alchemy Gothic Bags
Barefoot Sandals Handmade Barefoot Sandals Barefoot Sandals
Handmade Barefoot Sandals ~ Beautiful & Elegant
Pagan Walking Sticks
Pagan Walking Sticks
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