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Spell candles, altar candles, ritual candles and pagan candle accessories. Eclectic Artisans offers a wide variety and selection of unique candle magic supplies. An integral part of the craft, candles and candle magic have long been used as a method of sympathetic magic, color magick, meditative use as well mundane purposes. Weather you are looking for a candle that is infused with specific herbs, a specific shape, or a specific color or intent, chances are you will find exactly what you are looking for here. Be sure to check out our ritual pillars and the ever popular magical chime and votive candles too.

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Taper Spell Candles
Taper Spell Candles

Spell Candles
Chime Spell Candles

Charged Ritual Candles
Charged Ritual Candles

7 Day Jar Candles 7 Day Spell Candles
Jar Candles

Pagan Candle Holders
Candle Holders

Crystal Journey Candles Intention Spell Candles
Intention Spell Votives

Travel Spell Candles
Travel Spell Candles

Pillar Spell Candles
Pillar Candles

Pagan/Wiccan Sabbat Candles
Sabbat Candles

Votive Spell Candles
Votive Spell Candles

Handmade Spell Candles
Handmade Spell Candles

Figure Spell Candles
Figural Candles

Tea Light Candles
Tealight Candles
Other Spell Candles and Altar Candles
Other Spell Candles
& Altar Candles
Candle Snuffers
Candle Snuffers &
Candle Accessories

Hand Crafted Candles
By: Prismatic Peacock

Novelty Candles

Elemental Candle Holders


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