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Briar Jewelry Collection

The Briar Jewelry Collection is a much beloved array of spiritually symbolic pagan jewelry. Consisting of 5 different mystical & spiritual collections, you will surely be able to find something that speaks to you. Jewelry plays a large role within ones spirituality and faith, especially within the Pagan & Wiccan communities. Many of us wear jewelry to serve a particular purpose or reason. The great thing about the Briar Collection is that you will find a piece of jewelry that will surely serve it's magical purpose and on top of that, it will be equally as beautiful and enchanting. The 5 different Briar collections are Angels & Fairies (a collection of whimsical fairies & fey), Briar Gemstones (magical & astrological gemstone jewelry), Dharma Charms (Buddhist, Zen & eastern styled jewelry), Children of the Night (Vampire, Gothic & Mystical Jewelry with a steam punk twist) and Lost Treasures of Albion (occult styled and occult themed necklaces). Some of these collections include sterling silver jewelry as well. Enjoy browsing through these beautiful selections!

Briar Gemstone
Necklace Collection


Briar Angels &
Fairy Necklace

Briar's Dharma &
Buddhist Necklace

Briar's Lost
Treasures Of
Albion Collection

The Complete
Briar Collection

Briar's Children
Of The Night
Necklace Collection


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