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Book of ShadowsBook of Shadows, Handcrafted Book of Shadows, Wooden Books of Shadows, Leather Journals & Grimoires and more! Regardless of what you may call it, Eclectic Artisans has magical books for your magical documentation as well as journals for writing and sketching. So, what is a book of shadows or a magical grimoire? A book of shadows is basically the formal neo pagan term for a magical practitioner's spell book. it is a dedicated place where wiccans, pagans, magical practitioners & spiritually minded people will notate things like correspondences, spell components, poetry, chants, rituals & general spells. It is different from a regular "diary" in the sense that it is mainly used to keep track of one's magickal & spiritual journey, important events, magickal results, apothecary ingredients, dreams, intent and more. This magical documentation tends to be private, but many people will "pass down" or share their book of shadows with their family, coven members and close people in their lives. Most Books of Shadows contain different types of parchment papers, and some people prefer to only use magical inks to document and write in their books. Eclectic Artisans takes pride in offering a fantastic array of HIGH QUALITY handmade books of shadows coming in a plethora of sizes, shapes, materials and more!

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