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Artisan And Sellers FAQs

How Eclectic Artisans Works For Sellers-FAQ’s

Here you will find answers to everything from how do I get paid, to what costs are associated with Eclectic Artisans, getting started and the benefits of joining. All artisans must read, understand and agree to this information in order to sign up to sell at Eclectic Artisans.


Why Join & Sell With Eclectic Artisans? How Is EA Unique?

Wiccan Supplies FAQWhat Is A "Demographic Specific Specialty Marketplace?"
Wiccan Supplies FAQsWhy & How Would I Benefit From Selling With A Demographic Specific Marketplace Such As Eclectic
Witchcraft Supplies FAQsWhat Makes Eclectic Artisans Unique?

How To Open My EA Shop?

Pagan Supplies Registering With Eclectic Artisans-How Do I Register?
Metaphysical SuppliesHow Do I Edit My E-Mail or Personal Information Such As Address, Phone Number Etc.?
Handmade Wiccan Supplies Pagan SuppliesWhy Do You Need My E-Mail, Address & Phone Number To Join?

Maintaining Your Shop

New Age ProductsWhat Is The “Submission Method” & Why Did EA Decide To Implement This Method For Its Sellers/Artisans?
How Do I Edit My Product Listings By Using The Submission Method?
What Is A Member Username?
What Is My Secret Code?
What If I Forget My Member Username Or Want To Change My Member Username?
When A Product Sells, Does It Automatically Come Out Of The Inventory I Specified?
If I Make My Items To Order, Can I Still Specify The Quantity In Stock To Prevent Back-Orders?
Does My Product Have To Have A Quantity?

What Does It Cost To Be A Seller At Eclectic Artisans?

What Are The Costs Associated With Joining EA and Being An Artisan/Vendor With EA?
How Does Eclectic Artisans Get Paid? What is consignment?
Why Consignment?
What Is Eclectic Artisans Consignment Fee?
What Does The Consignment Fee Pay For?
Is Consignment The Only Option? Can I Be Paid Sooner?

How Eclectic Artisans Pays YOU When You Sell Your Items 

What Do I Need To Have Prior To Signing Up In Order To Be Paid For Sales?
When Do I Get Paid For Items I Have Sold?
*Seller’s Shipping Responsibility*
When Is An Item Considered “Shipped”?
Does Eclectic Artisans Provide Me A Receipt Of Payment?
How Does Eclectic Artisans Pay Me?

Eclectic Artisans Pay Dates Table:

Here is a table on when we pay artisans for items they have sold, shipped & submitted tracking info back to EA.

Date You Submit Tracking # To EA For Shipped Product(s) To Customer(s)

Date We Remit Payment To You For Shipped Items To Customer(s)

Tracking # Received Between The 1st - 14th

Artisans Will Receive Payment On The 15th

Tracking # Received Between 15th - last day of Month.

Artisans are paid on the 1st of the following Month.


How Does Eclectic Artisans Pay Me For Shipping Costs?

How Am I Paid For Shipping Costs? Am I Reimbursed?
Why Do I Need To Submit A Tracking Number To EA, And Why Is It A Requirement For ALL Items Being


What Does Eclectic Artisans Do With The Tracking # When I Submit It?
I Just Received A Fulfillment E-Mail Informing Me A Product Of Mine Has Sold. How Does Shipping Work?

Eclectic Artisans Formula For Shipping Charge Reimbursement:


*Note that carrier rates are subject to change without notice (this is based on the carrier). Eclectic Artisans reserves the right to modify or change these equations at will. If we happen to change the equation, we will notify you by e-mail.

If Customer Chooses USPS-(U.S. Postal Service) For Shipping, We Will Pay You Based On The Following Equation-

*Based At Time Of Checkout*

If Customer Chooses UPS-(United Parcel Service) For Shipping, We Will Pay You Based On The Following Equation-

*Based At Time Of Checkout*

Carrier Charge x's 1.01

Carrier Charge x's 1.01

               Click here for USPS current carrier rates                         Click here for UPS current carrier rates

We give you an additional small amount on top of the actual carrier charge in the case more money is needed for paying for shipping your item(s), as well as any other additional costs you may incur when paying to ship your product.*Note that carrier rates are based on real time at checkout. Carrier rates may not always match up to your actual package’s shipping rate due to size and shape of the package. It is possible that the amount you are charged to actually ship the item may be more or less than the amount we pay you for due to many factors. Here are some below.  

1.)  The Weight Of Your Product-we charge the customer shipping based on the weight YOU, the seller, specify when adding the product to our site.

2.)  Shape and Size- The shape of your item could cause the shipping charge to be more. Irregular box sizes or items bulky in shape may incur additional shipping costs other than what we charge the customer at checkout.

3.)  Timing- The amount we collect from customer at shipping is based at that particular moment when they checked out. It is possible that the carrier change their rates from the time the customer checked out to the time you ship your product.

4.)  Estimates- We URGE all artisans to get an exact weight of each item prior to adding your item to sell on the site. Better yet, it would be helpful to visit your local post office or UPS store to get a good idea of how they would charge to ship your item(s).
*Also see next question & answer below- I Just received a fulfillment E-Mail letting me know I had a sale. Am I required to ship the products via the carrier and method the customer specified at checkout? YES and NO

Shipping Your Item To The Customer, Knowing When You Have A Sale & Order Fulfillment.

How Will I Know When I Have Had A Sale?
I Just received a fulfillment E-Mail letting me know I had a sale. I can see the shipping option the customer
      picked during checkout. Am I required to ship the products via the carrier and method the customer specified
      at checkout?


When Must I Ship Item(s) That Have Sold?
What If I Cannot Make It To The Post Office Within 7 Days Of The Order, Or Within The Turnaround Time
     Specified Within The Product Description?


Is A Tracking Number Required On All Orders Being Shipped?
What If I Do Not Add Tracking To A Package Or Forget To, Say… By Accident?
How Will I Know Which Shipping Method To Use To Ship The Product To The Customer?


Eclectic Artisans Offers The Following Shipping Options For Our Customers:


Shipping Options Via USPS (United States Postal Service)



First Class Mail

First Class Mail International Parcel

Parcel Post

Priority Mail International

Priority Mail


USPS Express (Domestic)



Customer Shipping Options Via UPS (United Parcel Service)



UPS Ground

UPS Standard

UPS 3 Day Select

UPS Express

UPS 2nd Day Air

UPS Worldwide Expedited

UPS Next Day Air


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