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Artisan And Sellers FAQs Cont'd.


Other General FAQ’s:

How Secure Is Eclectic Artisans?
Does Eclectic Artisans Share Or Sell My Information?

How Does Eclectic Artisans Advertise? What Methods Do You Use To Bring In Customers?

Who Gets Spotlighted On Your Site?
Can I Pay, Or Is There A Way To Ask To Be Spotlighted?
Does Eclectic Artisans Sell Their Own Items?
Does Eclectic Artisans Plan On Adopting A Traditional “Online Marketplace” Login & Customizable Account
     Option In The Future?
Where Do I Need To Login To Add Products Or Edit Current Listed Products? Is There A Specific Place I Login?
Do I Receive Access To An Actual Shop That I Can Customize?

Once I Have Registered To Sell, How Long Will It Take To Get Approved?
What Happens If My Item(s) listed on Eclectic Artisans Are No Longer Available For Purchase?
How Long Does It Take EA To Update A Listing Once I Have Edited The Listing On The Product Submissions
What Is A Shop Report And How Can I Request One?
What Can I Sell On EA?
What is considered to be a Pagan, Wiccan, New Age or Metaphysical item?

What Are Mundane Items?

What Is Prohibited?

Will Sellers/Artisans Need To Ever Interact Or Speak With Customers?
What If A Customer Has A Specific Question Pertaining To One Of My Items?

Processing Refunds & Shipping Errors

Am I Required To Partake In Eclectic Artisans Refund/Return Policy?
What Is Eclectic Artisans Refund/Return Policy?
Who Issues The Refund To The Customer? What If I Have Already Been Paid By EA For The Item The Customer
     Wants A Refund For?
Where Does The Customer Send My Product That They Want Refunded?

What Happens If I Sent The Wrong Item To The Customer Or The Wrong Address?

Customer Disputes*

What Is A Dispute?
What Happens If A Dispute Is Filed Against Me From A Customer?
What If I Didn’t Receive Payment On A Pay Day?
How Do I Close My Shop?

Legalities, Financial Responsibility, Taxes, Liabilities, Etc.

Reporting Income
Personal Income Responsibility
Eclectic Artisans As A Venue
Warranty & Guarantees
Warnings & Disclaimers
Responsibilities & Hazards
Regarding Descriptions For The Herbs, Teas, Oils & All Apothecary Items Being Sold On Eclectic Artisans
Regarding All Items On EA Especially Ritual Tools & Spell Supplies
Disputes Between EA, Sellers and Buyers
Eclectic Artisans And Vendor/Artisan Termination
Product Photos & Advertising

Regarding Artisan & Vendor Personal Contact & PayPal Payment Information

Product & Financial Forfeiture
Other Important Info About Your Shop & The Contents

*Eclectic Artisans does our best to protect our Sellers/Artisans AND our customers to the best of our ability. In some instances or rare extenuating circumstances, it is possible that a seller/artisan may try to defraud either Eclectic Artisans or The Customer. In either case, if all of our safeguards are subsided, or someone where to deliberately attempt to defraud a customer or a customer deliberately attempt to defraud the artisan, Eclectic Artisans will take all steps necessary legally, and press charges to the fullest extent allowable by law. We also have a customer dispute process that will help Eclectic Artisans be an advocate for the customer. Eclectic Artisans does NOT Take ANY type of deliberate fraud lightly. Eclectic Artisans will notify proper authorities & press charges against ANYONE that tries to deliberately defraud Eclectic Artisans, its customers, artisans or affiliates.
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