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Beautiful & unique altar supplies & altar tools. Browse our fantastic selection of altar cloths, altar tables, altar bells, altar tiles, altar boxes & more! Magical practitioners from all paths have created and used sacred altars for magical practices, rituals & sacred rites, and have done so for thousands of years. The altar is the foundation of many modern Neopagan & Wiccan practices. Magical Altars are used to display and represent the different factions of ones spiritual practice or rites. Just by looking at altars from all religions, faiths & spiritual practices, you can see regardless of belief, they all have quite a bit in common, and that is what is being represented. Some Pagan, Wiccan & Magical practitioners tend to change their altars based on the season or current sabbat. We only showcase & sell high quality altar supplies that we ourselves would purchase and use for our own spiritual practices. All in stock items are shipped out within one business day of ordering.

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Altar Bells Altar Supplies
Altar Bells

Altar Tables Pagan Wiccan Altar Supplies
Altar Tables

Altar Tiles Altar Patens
Altar Tiles/Patens

Offering Ritual Bowls Plates
Bowls & Plates

Pagan Wiccan Besoms
Brooms & Besoms

Pagan Wiccan Statuary God Goddess Statuary Deity Statuary
Altar Statuary

Altar Boxes Tarot Boxes Spell Boxes Witch Boxes
Altar Boxes &

Altar Cloths Altar Supplies
Altar Cloths &

Empty Cloth Bags, Spell Bags and Magical Pouches
Bags and Pouches

Goddess Dolls God Dolls Handmade
Hand-Crafted God &
Goddess Dolls

Book of Shadows Book Holders
Book Holders & Bookends

Handmade Goddess Statuary Bronze
Statuary & Altar Tools

Wiccan Altar Kits Witchcraft Altar Kits
Altar Kits and Altar Kit Essentials

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